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“I’ve been using this cream for a month everyday and I see clear results!”

“I saw this booty cream on Tiktok and decided to give it a try since. I have been using it for two weeks so far it works pretty well. I love the smell and lifting effect it has.”

“Sometimes I can get a little self-conscious about my recent weight gain but this super moisturizing cream transforms my booty in to a very juicy-looking peach!"

"Thrilled to discover products that are free from parabens and toxic chemicals. It smells amazing and makes my booty that much fuller and eye-catching. Cannot wait to go to the beach to show off!"

"I have some serious ingrown hairs and this really brings them up to the surface. I def won’t be shying away from the swim bottoms that give me lots of cheek-peek this summer!"

"Amazing product! If you are consistent and use it as recommended you WILL see a difference."

"This product was very gentle on my skin and performed just as advertised!"

"After waxing my armpits they are usually sore until the next day. This roll on soothed my armpits within a half hour and kept my armpits smelling good without deodorant because I don't use deodorant for 1-2 days after waxing. So this was multi purposeful for me, surprised me how well it works."

"Bye bye razor bumps. I use this right after the shower & I’ve noticed so much improvement I’m my skin & it’s even starting to look lighter. I also love that there is no burning sensation."

"I used these pads after my last waxing treatment and I’m very happy with the results. No irritation or ingrown hairs in my bikini area. What a difference!"

“This dark spot remover actually works. I've been using it for 2 weeks so far and I am very impressed with the results.”

“This stuff really worked. I’ve been using this 3 weeks. Here’s the comparison.”

“I like how there was little to no scent. And it works my spots are faded!”

“These wipes are everything!!! The texture on my face has been virtually erased in just a few days by these wipes. They're easy to use and are textured perfectly to exfoliate. They're my new favorite part of my skincare routine!”

“I have sensitive skin, so I’m very picky when it comes to products I use so I do a lot of research prior to purchasing anything. This did not irritate my skin at all and it felt very clean after! I have a few acne scars and I can see them lightening up after using this amazing product!”

“This glycolic treatment is great! It has additional ingredients that soothe the skin while effectively utilizing the acid. I use them for my acne.”

"So this is that product you never knew you needed but once you used you are hooked! I love this mask! Leaves me feeling so smooth and soft down there."

“Love this vajacial mask, works great with my pretty kitty Brazilian wax.”

“I am in loove with the hydrogel jelly masks!!! It goes on so smooth and comes off easy. My vajayjay is ridiculously smooth and so soft.”

"I love this stuff, definitely recommend for a fast tan!!"

"I always put a lot of sunscreen on my face and it ends up not getting as tan as the rest of my body so these tanning drops are perfect for me. I can get my face looking tan without harming my skin in the sun!"

"Love using this self tan drops for a gradual buildable tan!"

"Great self tanner if your looking for a easy application. Doesn’t have a strong smell once applied, which I love. Color is super natural and build able!"

"Use a lot of drops if you have a tan already, but if it’s pre summer and you’re still rocking the winter skin, a few drops will go a long way"

"I saw this booty cream on Tiktok and decided to give it a try since. I have been using it for two weeks now, and it works pretty well. I love the smell and lifting effect it has. My skin is more firm and lifted"

"I’ve been using this cream for a month everyday and I see clear results!"

"I have used 2 bottles of this stuff now and I can say it does work! My booty definitely feels tighter and looks more lifted in my outfits! Even my boyfriend noticed."


  • “So far it’s working wonders, love the packaging and the neutral scent!”

  • “Exactly what I needed for summer! It really helped lighten my dark spots - especially my armpit area.”

  • “My butt has never been happier. This product smells amazing and absorbs really quickly which is a huge plus!”

  • "This product is so soft for your bum smells good and definitely have seen the firm lifting this is wonderful don’t miss out on it"

  • "This is now a must have product for me. It has done wonders on my ingrown hairs."

  • "My bikini line and armpits looks amazing! I feel comfortable wearing a bikini again with no issues!
    Just get it!"