Divine Derriere is a skincare brand that solves common skin challenges that aren't often talked about, and we're proud of it!


Our goal is to create effective skin care solutions that give you real results.


    We are an evolving skincare brand - specifically, but not limited to, targeting areas that are commonly ignored. Think bikini line, underarms, legs, tush, or anywhere else on the body that deserves extra care. Whether you trim, groom, remove – or let your body hair grow our products were created to take care of your most sensitive areas while making sure you feel confident in your skin down there and everywhere with results that you will see and feel.


    Our formulations are a pleasure to use, with luscious textures, effective formulations and delicious fragrances that transport you. We carefully select each ingredient for maximum efficacy and have banned the use of over 100 cosmetic ingredients in our formulations, while remaining at the forefront of developments in science and new standards around the world to ensure human and environmental health and safety. We work with partners who support our commitment to sustainable sourcing and science-backed safe biomimetics.


    At Divine Derriere, products are developed using the latest research and resources in the industry to formulate a solution focused solely on yielding true satisfying results. We know that committing time to something that matters will yield a meaningful connection and rewarding results. So we’re passionate about going deeper in our quest to make the most efficacious, transformative products for your routine.


  • “So far it’s working wonders, love the packaging and the neutral scent!”

  • “Exactly what I needed for summer! It really helped lighten my dark spots - especially my armpit area.”

  • “My butt has never been happier. This product smells amazing and absorbs really quickly which is a huge plus!”

  • "This is now a must have product for me. It has done wonders on my ingrown hairs."