Divine Derriere® embarked upon a mission to help people to bleach their anal and vaginal skin, and any other area of skin on their body that they wish to lighten, for that matter. We know that it’s sometimes an embarrassing subject to discuss with your friends, family, even your doctor. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to order our products discreetly and privately, so that they can get rid of that unsightly dark skin and so that they can do so without any embarrassment. Combining the most powerful skin lightening ingredient at the highest level available without a prescription with a targeted skin-brightening blend to correct unwanted discoloration and protect against future damage. Our formulation includes SEVEN ingredients such as skin lightening active Hydroquinone, & brightening ingredients Alpha Arbutin, Kojic Acid, Niacinamide, Glucosamine, Ferulic Acid & Licorice Extract. "Divie Derriere® fast-acting intimate lightening treatment was founded exclusively for backstage and professional use in Hollywood's Entertainment, Music, Fashion & Award industries. If Divine Derriere® can help these stars achieve such beautiful, pink, clean-looking, attractive skin, then you can rest assured it will work for you as well. By using Divine Derriere® Cream, you will be able to fade away dark skin and let radiant, flawless skin shine through. " "Apply a thin layer 1-2 times per day on clean, hairless skin. Let cream absorb for 10 minutes before putting on cothes. Always cover up treated skin from the sun, follow with a sun screen SPF 30+, wear protective clothing, and limit sun exposure during the day. Adored by celebrities, dermatologists and, most importantly, our valued customers, Divine Derriere® delivers must-have effective formulas, fresh scents, gorgeous colors, and visible results. "