Inside Divine backup


Divine Derriere embarked upon a mission to help people to bleach their anal and vaginal skin, and any other area of skin on their body that they wish to lighten, for that matter. We know that it’s sometimes an embarrassing subject to discuss with your friends, family, even your doctor. That’s why we’ve made it easy for people to order our products discreetly and privately, so that they can get rid of that unsightly dark skin and so that they can do so without any embarrassment. Targeting the melanin that has already been produced by your skin cells as well as targeting the enzyme tyrosinase, which catalyzes the chemical production of melanin. Finally, some ingredients expedite cellular exfoliation, help slough off top layers of skin helping brighten skin, thus eliminating the pigment that has already formed in your skin’s epidermis.

By using the Divine Derriere Skin Lightening Cream as directed, you will be able to fade away darkened skin spots/pigments/blotches and let radiant, flawless skin shine through.


For the gradual fading of dark spots in the skin such as liver and age spots caused by sun exposure, age, acne, pregnancy and the use of oral contraceptives. Divine Derriere Lightening Cream is formulated with SEVEN ingredients including skin lightening active Hydroquinone, & brightening ingredients Alpha Arbutin, Kojic Acid, Niacinamide, Glucosamine, Ferulic Acid & Licorice Extract. Women and men all around the world have long sought to lighten the often dark colored and unattractive skin on and around their anus, nipples, vagina, face, armpits, inner thighs, and many other parts of their body. Now, with skin lightening products from Divine Derriere, you can lighten your skin. We believe in COMPLETE PRIVACY in every regard to your order. Not only will your information NEVER be shared with any other company, but all of our products are shipped in VERY DISCREET packaging, with application instructions included with every product. Your order will be shipped to you in a plain brown box, with no indication whatsoever of what the box contains. Many of our customers are adult film stars (whom order our products on a regular basis) who have achieved such amazing results that they now swear by and recommend our line. If Divine Derriere can help these stars achieve such beautiful, pink, clean­ looking, attractive anal/vaginal skin, then you can rest assured that Divine Derriere will work for you as well!