``Divine Derriere is magic in a jar this stuff is great and it work quick. I had some dark patches on my face a used several products over the counter nothing I used work until I found this stuff and it worked great and fast won’t use anything else.``
New Mexico
``This is great stuff! About a week before, wash face with warm water and pat dry. Then put a nice amount of this stuff on before bed. Don’t bother with putting it on during the day. I tried this and you have to avoid the sun like mad. I rather just wear a good amount at night when the skin will take it in the best. Remember to exfoliate or washing and then put on moist skin.``
``I used this to lighten the hyperpigmentation from having pimples and I noticed results just from one usage! Highly recommend this product. ``
``This product is great. I thought there was no hope for the discolorations I have down there but this actually worked. and it was so easy and no irritations. I am coming back for more. Thanks so much.``
``My girlfriend and I had been noticing some strange discoloration on our more intimate areas. We tried your skin solution and it worked!! It has enhanced our sex life immensely and has strengthened our friendship.``
``I would highly recommend Divine Derriere. I have been battling with hyperpigmentation for over 5 years. Through the years I found that hydroquinone is the ingredient that works faster on lightening my skin. This product contains hydroquinone with other natural ingredients for lightening skin. I believe this is a great formula. In 2 weeks i saw significant results, and on the 3rd week I am very impressed. Great product! ``
``This product is absolutely amazing. I’m African American & Anytime I would get a pimple, it would leave a dark spot. I tried Palmers skin whitener after trying other brands and it faded the dark spots and made my skin tone even and glow. After all of these years it still works. It’s also a great moisturizer leaving your skin soft & younger looking. For the price, you are getting more than your money worth. I absolutely love and recommend this product.``
``I ordered this all the way from overseas. I needed a cream that would even my skin tone and restore my natural color after too much sun exposure. I had dark spots on my face and the cream started to work in one week! I couldn’t believe the fast results. I also use it on my arms which are normally a milk chocolate color, but the sun has darkened them to a dark chocolate color. The color on my arms is returning to its natural color, but it is taking longer than the dark spots that I had on my face. It’s the end of my second week using the cream and I am pleased with the results of my arms so far.``
``I have embarrassing dark marks on my inner thighs, and that’s the main reason I bought this product. I’ve tried other products and they were always too greasy to leave on during the day, but this stuff is not, and I love it for that reason! I’ve been using it for about a week straight now twice a day and I’m seeing results already…..I’m excited because every other bleaching product I’ve used definitely hasn’t worked this fast. I am also using the good ol’ lemon juice treatment, and it seems to work well with the product. Just about to order another jar! I would definitely recommend.``
Beverly Hills
``I tell you what..this thing works wonders in a couple days I notice a huge difference. I’m a pale white male and my skin absorbs anything very very well. I had the dark ring down on my bottom, so I put this cream on the surface and around the area desired and it really works! It looks absolutely wonderful. A LITTLE AMOUNT GOES A LONG WAY. Does not sting, burn, ich nor dry MY skin out. Love it.``
New York
``Didn’t expect much from a non-prescription product, but this stuff really works. Faded sun spots, even some of the hyper-pigmentation above my lip (which has been a big trouble spot for me.) I’ve seen dermatologists and had prescription products that did not work as well as this does. HIGHLY recommend.``
``Ive been using this product for almost 2 months now and I love it, I put it on every morning and night after I shower and apply it around my vagina and anus. I only put a little but make sure its apply to where you wanna lighten up. I rub it all around for 10 seconds, wait for 5 mins before I put my underwear on. I make sure its really dry. Ive been using it for 2 months now, and I still have a lot. It will probably last for 2 more months, so its worth buying for 4 months use. I cant wait to buy my second order Overall, it works great for me, my sensitive areas is lighten up, better than before, Much better !! Don’t shave down there, I suggest waxing because shaving cause more dark on your sensitive areas.``
``As a sexual health and relationship counselor, I completely endorse the use of Divine Derriere to help restore comfort and intimate skin integrity. I have happy client couples reporting positive results from the use of Divine Derriere™ to ready the skin for intimate activity.``